Le Perron du Roi

This stone still stands at Le Bourg but was once situated across the road from its current resting place making up the wall at the top of Petit Bôt hill (Rue des Croise). It was used as a mounting block (perron) for the horsemen of La Chevauchée  – a procession that may have roots in pagan times. Now known simply as Le Perron, it has four engraved ‘cup marks’ on its right hand side which must be Neolithic. (The carved lettering on the front is a much much later addition.) The stone would have more than likely once been part of a dolmen or its stone circle as these cupmarks are generally found in relation to, or on, dolmens. (See La Platte Mare)

This stone has survived due to the new lease of life that it enjoyed as a ‘perron’, and is therefore the only megalithic entry for the Forest parish in this book. However, I might suggest that if any Forest dwellers are disappointed by this then they should have a word with the builders of Forest Church!

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