Le Pied du Boeuf

On the pathway that goes along Fontenelle Bay from Fort Le Marchant (the shooting range) and Fort Doyle. About half way along up a small flight of steps. Hopefully the pictures will help in finding this forgotten star of Guernsey folklore – The Oxen Foot. Perry’s Guide Ref: 7 G2

Marie De Garis, in her book Folklore of Guernsey, says that this stone is from the remains of a stone circle, and that it was destroyed in the 19th Century.

The tale surrounding this strange pediform in the rock states that a Saint chased the devil from the island at this point and he leapt (in the direction of Alderney) and on the way to that island he landed on the Brayes Rocks about a mile offshore. Hoof marks are said to be repeated there.

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