Le Rocque Qui Sonne

t of this huge monument can now be found in the centre of the Vale Primary School playground. Perry’s Guide Ref: 7 F5

The remains of Le Rocque Qui Sonne were discovered by F. C. Lukis (who refers to this site as Le Roche qui Sonne) and his sons in 1837 where several urns and vessels along with bracelets of jet (or shale) and bronze where found.

What remains of what would have been Guernsey’s largest megalithic monument is now piled up in the playground of Vale Primary School. It consists of at least one capstone, several large stones and a few small blocks now bounded by a small metal fence. It was probably a passage grave with surrounding circle whose story should ‘sound out’ a warning to those with their eyes on the chance of some free granite. In Guernsey
Folk Lore
 we find the following story that Mr. Thomas Hocart related to Sir Edgar MacCulloch: Despite this monument having been credited with supernatural powers, a Mr. James Hocart made it known that he planned to use the stone to build his new house. He was warned of certain doom befalling him if he broke up the dolmen but to no avail. According to the legend, while being broken up, one of its capstones, when struck, made a ringing sound that resounded all over the Clos du Valle and could be heard from up to a mile away – hence the name La Rocque Qui Sonne.

The day came when the house ‘Belval’ was completed. Two maid servants were preparing the house for the family to move in when the brand new dwelling suddenly erupted in flames killing them both. Bad news, but only the beginning… some of the stone had been sold to a dealer in the UK and was being shipped by Mr. Hocart in two boats in which he had a financial interest. Both were sunk. He then moved to Alderney, but he had not been there long when his new home was reduced to ashes. He then decided to return to Guernsey despite the terrible things happening to him. On board the ship returning him home, a part of the rigging fell on him, killing him instantly.

And they need a fence around it?

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