La Platte Mare

Situated just after the sixth tee box on L’Ancresse golf course 100m roughly north of Les Fouaillages. Can be accessed by following the sign to Les Fouaillages. Perry’s Guide Ref: 6 C3

The remains of two small dolmens or cists sit either side of the end of the sixth tee box, seen and ignored every week by hundreds of golfers.

The cist on the west side has one capstone remaining and features a rare example of prehistoric tomb art. On the right of the northern side stone are twelve ‘cup marks’. Only seven can be seen these days for some reason; the others are buried. This surely shows that this stone was once a capstone and has been moved over the years and then put back in the wrong place. The number twelve is interesting when looking at cup marks because of links with astronomical use. The twelve signs of the zodiac and twelve months are from a legacy of star gazing and this suggests a far greater knowledge than has previously been attributed to our pagan ‘caveman’ ancestors.

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