Delancey Park

Just by the car park at the Mont Morin entrance of Delancey Park.  Facing the skateboard ramps, there is a small path on the left through the trees taking you to the back of the tennis courts. Perry’s Guide Ref:11 E4

The sorry remains of this ruined gallery grave were discovered in 1919. The States of Guernsey were using some out-of-work labourers to clear a furze brake and they discovered several large stones laid horizontally. The capstones are gone but the props had been laid down and completely buried. This may have been done when the barracks were built on top of the hill during the eighteenth century. As usual, some bones, a bit of pottery and flint was found when it was excavated. There are stories of another dolmen still buried to the west of this one.

The Delancey Park site was recently excavated by the Clifton Antiquarian Society, full details of the dig can be found at their website.

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  1. Nice picture of Delancey Park. The Guernsey Society is about to publish my report on this site and will forward onto you. Another paper looking at the context and landscape of the site will also be published in mid 2013.

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