Welcome to the now expanded Megalithic Guernsey website, built to accompany the medium-selling book. At present the book is available in many Guernsey bookshops and on Amazon.

Please join up and leave any comment in the relevant field for each ancient site – you are very welcome to leave your own photos too! I have now updated all the text to so it is almost the same as in the book.

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  1. To the caretaker of the site about megalithic 

    By Sennari

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for your nice site.

    Your site showed us very interesting megalithic.

    Have you ever heard of the following site?

    Let’s solve the enigma of the earth

    As the site is written in Japanese, I am translating it in English in the following site.


    If you have time to read the above site, you may be able to understand why I am translating it in English.
    Moreover Let’s solve the enigma of the earth explains humans were made by the power of stone like stone circles.

    Can you consent the explanation given by the site?

    Thank you,

    Masuya Sennari(Japanese)

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